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素材を隠さず美味しさを引き出すこと そのためにオリビエは “キュイッソン”(火入れ)とソースに力を入れています。特にソースはフランス料理にとって重要な要素、オリビエが作るソースは素材の価値を高めます。素材に対するリスペクトを忘れず、シンプルで美しく、ストレートに美味しいと思っていただける料理を目指しています。

So that guests will recognize and enjoy the full taste of each ingredient, Olivier puts his greatest efforts into his cuisson. Also, because sauces are such an important aspect of French cuisine, Olivier is especially careful to prepare each sauce to heighten the seasonal flavors of the main ingredient.
Olivier always respects the seasonal ingredients and offers straightforward, simple, beautiful dishes. His attention to the fine details of his home-made approach can be seen even in the bread and butter served during the meal. He bakes his own bread each day using natural yeast, and his original butter is made from fresh milk from Hokkaido.
Of course, everything from his chicken and veal broths to his desserts, sablé cookies, and sorbets are all home made.


「シェ オリビエ」にはスペシャリテはありません。

Chez Olivier’s menu doesn’t have a specialité because the ingredients are slowly changing with the gradual shift of the seasons. Olivier’s food is always pursuing perfection and evolving everyday.


理想のマリアージュのために グラン・ヴァン(高級ワイン)の産地ボルドーで生まれ育ったオリビエにとってワインは料理同様に大切な存在です。ボルドー、ブルゴーニュはもちろん、ロワール、アルザス、ラングドック・ルーション、コルシカ島まで、幅広くフランスワインを揃えています。 料理とワインはお互いを補い、高め合うもの。ワインによって料理の印象も変わります。そのため私たちが料理に合ったワイン選びのお手伝いをさせていただきます。お気軽にご相談ください。また定期的に生産者を迎えてワインメーカーズディナーも開催しています。

For the ideal mariage: Since Olivier grew up in Bordeaux, the birthplace of the grand vins, he believes wine is as important for a meal as the dish itself. Chez Olivier offers a vast selection of wines, of course from Bordeaux and Bourgogne, but also from Loire, Alsace, Languedoc-Roussillon, and Corsica.
The wines and the dishes at Chez Olivier work together to heighten each others’ flavors. As the wine shapes the impression of each dish, the staff will be happy to suggest a bottle that best suits the dish. Feel free to consult with the staff.
Olivier is in close contact with wine growers from France, and from time to time, a wine growers’ dinner is held at Chez Olivier.